1Since 1999, Harvey International is dedicated to helping Canadian and US businesses to export or establish physical presence in Canada or the USA. Benefiting from a unique ”streetsmart” approach, Harvey International allows companies to quickly built a winning strategy in order to export or expand in either countries. As a specialist on US and Canadian business expansion strategies and political networkingHarvey International walks the talk when it comes to establishing a network of strong contacts which help expand rapidly. With 30 years of expertise in the field and one of the largest network of business and political contacts in the Northeastern parts of the USA (both Democrat and Republicans) and Eastern Canada (Liberals and Conservatives), Harvey International makes it happen for its client base.

Harvey International masters the business networks in both countries in a variety of specialized business niches. From manufacturing to architectural services, high end products, construction materials and specialty products, we can help your company expand either in Canada or the USA. We are also specialists in helping your company obtain standards and regulations from ULc, FM to FDA processes and approvals. Harvey International brings results without spending a fortune!

Harvey International accelerates results for its clients using a unique strategy. Going beyond the usual planning and advice, Harvey International implements the strategies put in place by physiquely walking the talk on site, searching, finding and negotiating with distributors, agents or potential partners on behalf of its clients.

Harvey International becomes an integral part of the Sales Department of its clients and acts as a Sales Director or Vp Market Development.

It is this model that brings results in the field for its client base. We bring in real sales results often using a unique model of hourly fees and commissions depending on the needs of the client.

We don’t do just the planning, we implement it!



On site and in-the-field accompaniment for export strategies. From the planning stages to negotiating distribution agreements. We act as the Sales Department of Canadian or US based companies

Physical presence

Site selection in the USA or Canada. Support in the subsidiary/LLc process, political networking at Federal, State or Provincial levels

Training and Coaching

Executive coaching programs on doing business in the USA or Canada

Public Procurement

Integration into public procurement, State, Provincial or Federal Canada – USA government procurement but also withing the UN System and UN agencies – UNDP Procurement, etc…)


We are accredited lobbyists with the Canadian government but also a recognized supplier to the Plymouth State University system in New Hampshire as well as with the Agency of Commerce and Community Development in Vermont

International Cooperation

We accompany businesses and NGO’s in International Cooperation projects in the Maghreb, West Africa, Peru and Vietnam regions

Doing business in Canada

We help US companies enter the Canadian market and support them with standards and regulations (CSA, Ulc, etc…)

Political networking in Canada and the USA

We help Canadian and US based companies to network the political jungle in Canada and the USA. Our networks span from Republicans to Democrats in the USA, Liberals to Conservatives in Canada

“They say the the World has become to complex for simple answers… They are wrong!” Ronald Reagan, 1981