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“Geography has made us neighbours. History has made us friends. Economics has made us partners and necessity has made us allies.”

— John F. Kennedy, Ottawa, May 18, 1961


– 1999, beginning the journey

We became the first private firm in Sherbrooke, QC, Canada dedicated to US Business and started accompanying SME’s from Quebec and New Brunswick in their quests to expand in the USA. To this day, we are still recognized by our peers as THE reference in the field of international trade with the USA and vice versa with Canada for US entities.

– 2008, Montreux, Switzerland

We are invited by the United Nation’s International Trade Center (INTRACEN) in Geneva during the World Export Development Forum to present our background paper:

ECO-Sustainable Business Strategies for SME’s: Short Term Pain for Long Term Gain., International Trade Centre, Geneva, Switzerland, World Export Development Forum, Background Paper, 2008, 7 p.

– 2019, the Quebec – New England Trade Mission

Since 1999, we have helped over 250 SME’s from Quebec, New Brunswick, France and the USA to expand or export in the USA or Canada. In March of 2019, we arranged the largest trade mission to four New England states from Sherbrooke, QC has Chief of Mission for the ACET – National Bank with 21 start-ups and 45 business people.

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– Market Expansion Programs
– Foreign contact canvassing
Business Strategies
Marketing Strategies
Executives coaching
Sales and Representation
– Business intelligence and technological watch
Public polls, surveys and market evaluations
International NGO, non-profit programs
Canada/USA Strategic Political Planning
International Relations and Public Affairs
International Copperation (UN Agencies (WTO, UNIDO, etc)


Pierre Harvey benefits from 30 years of streetsmart experience in export coaching, strategic market positionning in more than 48 countries of the world and with over 250 SME’s from Quebec, New Brunswick, France and the USA. He is considered a specialist in the Northeastern USA’s business environment for the Eastern Townships region of Southern Quebec.

Mr. Harvey has a Master of Science in International Relations from Long Island University in New York City as well as a United Nations Graduate Certificate of Studies from the same university.

He became the first Trade Commissionner of the Eastern Quebec region in 1997 as well as the youngest Trade Commissioner in Quebec at that time. Back in Sherbrooke in 1999, he founded Harvey International a firm dedicated on helping SME’s from Canada and the USA to expand into new and foreign markets with a specialty on the US Northeast region.

Mr Harvey also teaches Business Ethics and International Corporate Governance at the Executive MBA level of the Centre Laurent Beaudoin of the UNiversity of Sherbrooke. He is also a coach for younf executives of start-up companies with the ACET – National Bank Business Accelerator also affiliated with the University of Sherbrooke and the Centre Laurent Beaudoin. MBA Exécutif du Centre Laurent-Beaudoin of the same university.

In 2009, Mr Harvey was invited to join a Quebec think tank called Groupe Avenir Quebec led by Jean Allaire a founding father of the Quebec ADQ Party. Mr. Harvey led the Business and Economics section of a document called ”Pour un Québec plein de promesses” aiming at providing ideas and views on the future of Quebec as a founding Province of Canada.

Mr Harvey is married to Hélène Rioux. They live in Sherbrooke and are the proud parents of their two daughters, Élisa and Laura.

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